Spring 2022 Virtual Colloqium 

Feb 9                                  Sara Meerow 
Feb 23                                        Linda Shi
March 9                            Stacey Sutton 
March 30                           Tamika Butler
April 20                        Justin Schott and
                                               Kyle Whyte
April 27                               Quilian Riano 



Cities@Tufts is a cross-disciplinary academic initiative which recognizes Tufts University as a leader in urban studies, urban planning and sustainability issues. Anchored by the department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, it aims to highlight our impressive contributions in community strategy, civic democracy, ethnographic research, urban and community health, food justice and security, urban politics and economics, social inequalities and GIS. Cities@Tufts works with students, academics, policymakers and planners, businesses and community stakeholders to develop cross-disciplinary and cross-sector collaborative and community based research. We aim to develop solutions to today’s urban challenges and opportunities based not on presupposed notions but on being critical: first asking the right questions.

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April 27

Quilian Riano presents: Gaming the System: Role-Playing Political and Spatial Change

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March 30

Tamika Butler presents: Transportation Inequities: What's Data Got to Do with It?

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April 20

Kyle Whyte & Justin Schott present: The Energy Equity Project