2021 Spring Colloquium Series

Feb 3- Isabelle Anguelovski

Feb 10- Jayne Engle  

Feb 17- Greg Watson

March 3- Setha Low

March 10- Jay Pitter

March 31- Anne Beamish

April 7- Sheila Foster/Shareable

April 14- SPA presents Kurt Kohlstedt



Cities@Tufts is a cross-disciplinary academic initiative which recognizes Tufts University as a leader in urban studies, urban planning and sustainability issues. Anchored by the department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, it aims to highlight our impressive contributions in community strategy, civic democracy, ethnographic research, urban and community health, food justice and security, urban politics and economics, social inequalities and GIS. Cities@Tufts works with students, academics, policymakers and planners, businesses and community stakeholders to develop cross-disciplinary and cross-sector collaborative and community based research. We aim to develop solutions to today’s urban challenges and opportunities based not on presupposed notions but on being critical: first asking the right questions.

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Below are a few of the recent recorded colloquium speaker presentations from Fall 2020

December 9: Kate Raworth Presents Doughnut Economics Scaled to the City

November 11: Daniel Aldana-Cohen Presents Follow the Carbon: Housing and Climate Change in the Age of the Green New Deal

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October 21: Dr. Dean Sattia Presents Intercultural Urbanism: Lessons from Prehistory


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